Digi-Kitty Door
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adorable maine coon cat
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adorable maine coon kitten
cat staring into space
cat yawning kittyn playing
Kahzee and Cujo currently reside in Madison, Wisconsin.  But they have learned to get on the Internet and travel the world.  You can have them visit you with Digi-Kitty Door and an Internet connection.    After opening the Door it may take a while for one or both of the kitties to find you, so be patient!  You can also fill their food dish  and you will probably see the kitties more often, and doing more things!

There are two way to open the door.  The first uses your web browser, and the second is a stand-alone program or app.  There are two big advantages of installing the app.  The first is that doesn’t require your browser to be open while you are waiting for a visit.  The second is that you can resize the window on your screen.

Install Digi-Kitty Door stand alone app (available on PC’s only):

The app is written in the Adobe AIR programming code, and your computer may ask if it’s okay to install AIR.  This is normal.  Once Digi-Kitty is installed, you run it like a normal program.

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