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The babies

The other muti-legged creatures are The Babies.  I don’t know what their deal is.  They are obviously vegetarians for one thing.  Can you believe that?  They are big and fluffy and should run from me in fear for I am Kahzee Kitty of the Big Paws!  But for some reason they don’t.   They try to tease me every once in a while, and we have a little game which is more fun than chasing a post-it!  If you want to see what I mean you try looking here: Chinchilla pictures

Hello and welcome to my abode! 

My name is Kamikaze Conway-Kriegler Kitty, but you can call me Kahzee.  Pronounced Ka-Zee.  I was named Kamikaze because I am big and fearless, have paws like a bear, ears like a lynx, and heart like a lion!  There is a slanderous rumor going around about me that I was a feral kitty, and was adopted when I was young.  But I come from Royalty!  My bloodline was in the court of Marie Antoinette.
kitten biting sleeping cats ear
  My attendants named him Cujo because he chews on absolutely everything, including my beautiful ears!  He’s not the sunniest window ledge in the house if you get my meaning.  For one thing he plays fetch.  Fetch!? Can you believe it?  I mean, what self-respecting cat in the world plays fetch?  And The Boy doesn’t even know that the yellow toys the female attendant gives him are just crumpled up post-it notes. Sheesh, what a pair.
Currently I am a model and actress  living in Madison, Wisconsin but am sure to be moving on to bigger and better things.  Here is my  Portfolio and a Selected Filmography. Besides me there are 5 other let’s call them, creatures living here.  The first is my little brother, or should I say step brother Cujo and he is just so annoying, and I know that he was a feral kitty.
maine coon cat
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maine coon kittne
cat in box
Cujo kitty adores his sister Kahzee Kitty

I should say something about my attendants, of which I have two.  The attendant’s main job is to take care of me, at which they do a satisfactory job. I suppose I could upgrade, but I’ve gotten used to them although there are times they act like they own me.  Can you believe it?  Own me, Kahzee Kitty of the Lynx Ears!  They have their uses though.  The female has finally gotten good at grooming me, and That One Guy is still the best at helping me primp and preen.
cat looking at fluffy chinchilla
cat batting chinchilla
He also is good at keeping my chair warm, although he's not the freshest litter in the box if you get my drift.  Sometimes it is like he doesn't have a clue that he's been in my seat long enough and I am ready to take it.   That One Guy is also my personal photographer and computer person.  He has helped me get on the internet to visit some of my friends.  I assume that is how you got here.  I don’t understand any of that stuff.  But I do know that you can add a door of some kind  to your computer and I might just stop by to see you.  Of course if you put out some food there, I’ll probably come buy more often, for it takes a lot of energy to be Kahzee Kitty of the Lions heart!  The Boy might sneak in too especially if you put out food.  He is such a pig.   The attendants should have named him Babe because he is a pig who wants to be a dog!  LOL!

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